After these initial screenings, the athletes undergo physical performance testing. The results of the tests and screenings are then used to aid the development of each athlete’s training program. Athletes are also closely monitored for fatigue and the effectiveness of their training regime and are tested multple times during the scholarship year.

All physical services such as sports science, sports medicine, strength and conditioning and nutrition are provided by Central West health and Rehabilitation. The athletes also use the gym facility at Central West Health and Rehabilitation. MWAS athletes have the opportunity to train in the gym and in the field with athletes from many different sports. Having the opportunity to train with other high-performing athletes is invaluable for regional athletes, who may otherwise need to complete the majority of their training alone.

The team at Central West health and Rehabilitation is led by the expertise of Todd Teakle. Todd is an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist. Todd has worked as a physiotherapist and as an exercise physiologist with teams such as:

  • Perth Wildcats
  • Hale Hockey Club
  • East Fremantle Football Academy

Todd and MWAS ensure that the coaches of MWAS athletes are very much involved in the planning of athlete programs. This provides an exceptional development opportunity for the coaches.

Central West Health and Rehabilitation are open to providing services to the entire community, including individuals, corporate groups and sporting teams.





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