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Question – Is there a risk of accidently taking a banned substance if one takes some probiotics?

Answer – Firstly, there is always some risk of contamination with nearly anything. However, the AIS Sports Supplement Framework places probiotics under Group A – ‘supported for use in specific situations’. AIS recommends the use of probiotics under supervision, but acknowledges their proven health benefits of improving immunity and athletic performance. The Supplementation, Medication and Injections Policy should be read for further insight into this question. The policy also includes a table showing the group A supplements and a link to the AIS recommendations. Advice that could make your selection of probiotics lower risk is:

  1. Do not purchase online, particularly from overseas
  2. Purchase a well-known, reputable Australian brand
  3. Check the ingredients label for other substances and contact ASADA if you are unsure of those substances
  4. Read the MWAS anti-doping policy and information
  5. Contact the MWAS CEO if you are still unsure, or if you require further guidance