Athlete Selection Criteria

Applications for 2023 scholarships are open via approval from the MWAS CEO. All future opportunities will be promoted via our social media.

State Sporting Associations (SSAs) are to approve the applicant as part of the selection process and applicants are required to obtain endorsement and recommendation prior to filing the application paperwork with MWAS. The applicant will also be required to provide contact details of the person form the SSA who endorses their application.  Some SSAs may choose to develop their athletes through alternative strategies that do not involve MWAS. There is also a Sport Partnership Criteria that State and Regional Sport Associations need to meet before MWAS will support their athletes.

Athletes that meet the criteria should contact MWAS and the SSA to ensure that they can be considered for the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

The below criteria were used to select athletes for scholarships.

What a scholarship provides

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Selection Rationale

To select pre-elite and elite athletes who deserve support and are most in need of an improved daily training environment (DTE).


Athletes must meet the Athlete Scholarship Criteria to be considered for a scholarship with MWAS. Athletes with a disability (AWD) are equally eligible for athlete scholarships and can meet the criteria by competing and representing at the equivalent level in their respective category.

MWAS reserves the right to use discretion with all selections and may choose to award scholarships to athletes who do not meet the entire criteria over those that do. This might occur due to remote-area athlete inclusion, varying levels of in-kind and financial investment from some Sports, after a display of phenomenal talent, or any other reasons as determined by the MWAS Board.

A scholarship with MWAS is not a right and therefore no appeals will be heard. MWAS will always ensure that athlete selection is based on the MWAS vision, mission and values.

Athlete Scholarship Criteria

All athletes supported through MWAS must meet every point in the criteria below:

  1. Reside in one of the following Mid West LGAs: Carnamah, Chapman Valley, Coorow, Cue, Greater Geraldton (includes Mullewa), Irwin, Meekatharra, Mingenew, Morawa, Mount Magnet, Murchison, Northampton, Perenjori, Sandstone, Three Springs, Wiluna and Yalgoo. Athletes who go to a boarding school outside of the listed LGAs are not eligible for scholarship;
  2. Aged 13 years or older at some point during the scholarship year. i.e. during June 2021 to 31 May 2022;
  3. Demonstrate the potential to reach the ‘elite*’ level in open (not age group) competition. ‘Elite*’ refers to competing in National professional league and/or representing Australia in amateur sport;
  4. Demonstrates an ongoing commitment towards physical and mental preparation and to achieving best possible performance;
  5. Athlete is in a:
  6. Junior State or National talent squad; or
  7. Junior State or National representative team; or
  8. Open State or National representative team.

And selection has been competitive, with an official selection process that is endorsed or sanctioned by the SSA / NSO.

  1. When competing at the State Championship level, the athlete represents a Mid West team or club;
  2. SSA expects the athlete to represent Western Australia at NSO endorsed national championship event within 2021 or 2022;
  3. Demonstrates the capacity and drive to represent Australia at the senior elite level, or to reach the highest professional level of the sport in Australia within 10 years; and
  4. Demonstrates the potential to become a WAIS scholarship holder within six years (for sports that are included with WAIS).
  5. Be endorsed and recommended by the relevant RSA and SSA;
  6. Demonstrates ongoing dedication and appropriate attendance in career and education.

Examples of ineligibility:

– National/ State representation teams, talent squads and/or training squads not competitively selected and endorsed by the NSO/ SSA;

– National/ state touring teams;

– Is a professional or elite athlete that receives what the MWAS committee considers surplus existing support (financial and/or services). E.g. athletes playing for a professional team, on scholarship with AIS or WAIS may not be eligible for scholarship**;

– Specific population National/ State representation teams, regional talent squads, training squads and/ or touring teams e.g. University Games, National/ State Country*** and/ or National/ State School*** Girls/Boys.

** In special circumstances, the MWAS may, in partnership with WAIS, AIS or a professional team, choose to provide a modified scholarship or services to a professional elite athlete.

*** Some discretion will be used by the selection panel if a specific population team is within the SSA endorsed athlete pathway towards elite representation for a Mid West athlete in that sport

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