Psychological Behavioural Profiling and the MWAS Coach Development Program

Our athletes and all coaches who are selected to be part of the MWAS Full Scholarship and Coach Development Program undertake training in psychological behavioural profiling to better understand themselves, their athletes and peers and this leads directly to better performance. This is done with the assistance of the team at Athlete Assessments

The MWAS CEO is the only trained Athlete Assessments external consultant currently in Australia. Please contact MWAS on 0487 846 283 or for information.

Sports Psychology

Heather McGregor-Bayne and Adrian Schonfield from Total Leader and Coach Solutions lead the mental preparation for MWAS athletes and coaches.  They are passionate about helping both individuals and teams maximize their performance potential. Heather and Adrian each have more than ten years experience, working with a variety of local, national and international organisations including work with the Western Australian Institute of Sport. Both Heather and Adrian and have worked with athletes across a range of sports, from developing athletes right through to the Olympic level.

MWAS athletes, the parents / guardians of athletes, and MWAS coaches consult with Adrian and Heather from Total Leader and Coach Solutions in through both group seminars and through one-on-one consultations.


Teach your child to think like an Olympic athlete

Goal setting and time management