Community Impact

Invest in Our Communities 

The benefit of the MWAS is much broader than improving the performance of athletes.

Download a Social Return on Investment Analysis of the Mid West Academy of Sport.

How do communities benefit from the Mid West Academy of Sport?

  • MWAS builds the capacity of sport in the Mid West by developing coaches, officials and administrators. The MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Program provides ongoing development to the coaches of more than 500 athletes / participants. This also raises the health and wellbeing of communities
  • By providing opportunities for talented athletes and building the capacity of regional sport, the MWAS keeps families in the region for longer and makes the Mid West a more attractive place to live. This increases the availability of well-rounded, positive people for the work-force
  • MWAS believes in a holistic approach to athlete development and we attempt to ensure that our athletes become positive community citizens and will make great employees after their sporting careers
  • We provide a motivating goal for aspiring sports people and coaches