2024 Scholarship Nominations

Scholarship Application Information


1. Introduction

2. How to Apply

3. Scholarship Services and Partner Investments

4. Sport Partnership Criteria

5. Athlete Selection Criteria

6. Coach Selection Criteria

7. Appendices

Appendix 1 – Sport Partnership Assessment Matrix

Appendix 2 – Joint Management Committees

8. Glossary

If you have read the below information and you are still not sure of how to get a scholarship with MWAS, please contact Darren Winterbine on either mwas@sportshouse.net.au or 0487846283.

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1. Introduction

MWAS is open to nominations for 2024 scholarships. Scholarship categories are:

 1. Athlete Scholarships: Includes services such as strength and conditioning, sports science, nutrition advice, behavioural profiling and sports psychology and coaching, access to elite athletes and coaches, High Performance camps and workshops. Please note that we have two levels of scholarships available to athletes – (1) A Full Scholarship (Tier 1) with individualized tailored programs as above designed specifically for each athlete and their sport. (2) A Development Squad (Tier 2) scholarship which includes group training sessions, workshops and seminars. The decision on which scholarship is offered will be based upon the MWAS athlete selection criteria.

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2. Coach Development Scholarships: Includes year-round professional development and access to funding.

3. Official Development Scholarships: Includes a year-round professional development plan and access to funding (depending if available).

Details of the scholarships, including services / benefits offered and expectations of Sports, is provided in the ‘Scholarship Services and Partner Investments’ (section 3).

Each scholarship is for a period of 12 months but may be amended dependent upon the continuation of the athletes progression and development towards higher level sporting achievement, attendance at training’s, events or MWAS sanctioned activities. (for example if you are selected in a state squad in 2023 but do not trial for the 2024 squad during the 12 month period, you will forfeit your scholarship). 

Sport Partnerships and the performance of scholarship holders will be reviewed annually and the State Sporting Associations (SSA’s) will be asked to re-nominate persons for scholarships each year.

2. How to Apply

Athletes, coaches and officials are required to apply individually for scholarships.

Prior to submission of the application the applicant will require approval from the SSA and or RSA confirming that they support the applications and will provide ongoing support and abide by the conditions of the scholarship.

The steps to apply are:

Step 1 – Applicant to complete the application form

CLICK HERE to complete the application form 

  1. The applicant will confirm that the responsible SSA can meet the Sport Partnership Criteria (Section 4)
  2. Confirm the names of the coaches that will be responsible for the athlete’s training program.
  3. Applicant to confirm that they will abide by all conditions and criteria subject to the scholarship. 

3. Deadline for applications

Applications from athletes and coaches are to be submitted online prior to 4:00pm Monday 4th March 2024 ( or unless instructed otherwise ).

Applicants that do not receive a confirmation receipt within five days of submission must contact the CEO mwas@sportshouse.net.au

Important – Athletes, coaches and officials who wish to be considered for a scholarship must contact their relevant State Sport Association and are also strongly encouraged to contact MWAS well in advance of applications closing. We are more than willing to assist scholarship applicants to get in contact with the relevant person from the sport associations.

4. Scholarship Services and Partner Investments

MWAS works in collaboration with State and Regional Sports Associations to service and develop athletes, coaches and officials. This section provides a summary of the financial and in-kind investment required by the key stakeholders (MWAS, SSAs, RSAs, athletes, coaches and officials) for the various scholarship types.

3.1 Athlete Scholarships

MWAS provides

  • Specialist services for physical and mental preparation and injury prevention (approximate value of $10,000 if purchased commercially by the individual)
  • Nutrition education, workshops and skills
  • Technical and tactical coaching included in partner sports programs. This is via the partnerships with High Performance pathway programs and ensures our athletes are coached by accredited coaches in accordance with the latest techniques and tactics. This is so our athletes can train here in the region, be selected by the respective program and have an immediate impact.
  • Access to High Performance coaching, athletes including Olympians and professional athletes
  • General athlete education workshops, programs including performance mindset, resilience and character development as well as career and well-being guidance
  • Uniform (dependent upon scholarship level).
  • Access to

DOWNLOAD a MWAS Athlete Benefits Package for more details

The Sport (SSA in collaboration with RSA) provides

  • Technical and tactical training sessions / coaching. This could include sending visiting coaches to Geraldton and will involve providing guidance to local coaches. May also involve remunerating the coach. Coach remuneration is not a responsibility of MWAS. 
  • Advice to MWAS S&C provider if desired by the Sport – long term athlete development models, training / testing protocols etc. This information is highly valued by the MWAS.
  • Other investment as per the Sport Partner Criteria and negotiations 
  • Representation on Joint Management Committee 

Athlete provides

  • Follow code of conduct, all MWAS policies and attend training and seminars 
  • Athlete to self-fund additional services and treatments not included in the scholarship 
  • Athletes are required to have private health insurance that at a minimum covers; physiotherapy, ambulance and surgery for sports injuries.  

3.2 Coach Development Scholarships

MWAS provides

  • A personalised DISC profile and debrief for self awareness and continuous improvement
  • Opportunity for all coaches to apply for professional development funding. See Funding Support (below)
  • Attend training sessions or matches and provide feedback to the coach
  • Video training sessions or matches so the coach can review their coaching
  • Collaboration with coaches to create their development plan
  • Assist with improving areas identified in the development plan
  • Help coaches find a mentor
  • Collaboration with DLGSC (Formerly Dept of Sport and Recreation) to coordinate coach development workshops
  • Opportunity for the coach to be part of athlete testing and training program development for any MWAS athletes that the coach works with
  • Access to specialists such as sports psychologists as a potential use of professional development funds
  • MWAS clothing
  • Ongoing* guidance and support from the MWAS (valued at approximately $3,000 per year).

Coach Development Funding Support From MWAS

Scholarship coaches will be eligible to receive funding for opportunities that support their development plan (If funding is available).

Funding Amount Requirements
Up to $300* per scholarship year
  • Complete a development initiative that has been identified in the coach’s development plan (Accredited course, attend a conference, shadow another coach etc.)
  • All scholarship coach expectations are met
  • Evidence provided that actions in plan are being completed. 
Up to $600* per scholarship year

Each dollar of funding provided by MWAS above $300, must be matched by minimum dollar-for-dollar by either a SSA, RSA or club.



As per requirement above plus:

  • Involves coaching or assistant coaching in a State Team, national league team or above.
  • Selection from SSA has occurred and it is an exclusive opportunity (not open to any coach)
  • Must be to able and willing to come back and share learning with other coaches

* All $ amounts include GST.

Funding can be used to reimburse course fees or travel (fuel, airfare and accommodation) expenses only. Receipts must be provided.

Coaches that fail to adhere to coach expectations throughout the entire scholarship year will be required to refund 100% of funds received to MWAS.

The Sport (SSA with assistance from RSA) provides

  • Funding, 100% of which will be spent on professional development for the coach. This is optional and the amount to be invested (if any) is entirely at the discretion of the Sport.
  • Assist the coach to source a mentor
  • Assist MWAS to coordinate mentor program
  • Collaborate with MWAS and coach to develop professional development plan
  • Collaborate with MWAS to implement the plan – i.e. organise development trips, courses, visiting coaches, etc.
  • Representation on Joint Management Committee 

The Coach Provides       

  • Follow the code of conduct and other relevant policies and engage in the program and services offered
  • Coaching to MWAS and other athletes 

Scholarship Coach Expectations

  • Participate in planning meetings with CEO and have a development plan with goals and actions.
  • Complete a self-assessment of coaching.
  • Complete monthly review of plan with CEO.
  • Attend at least 75% of MWAS workshops.
  • Attend all* MWAS sponsor functions and events (e.g. scholarship launch, MWAS networking events). *Valid reason must be provided if not in attendance.
  • Adhere to MWAS Coach and Officials Code of Conduct and all relevant MWAS policies.

3.3 Official Development Scholarships (If available through the SSA’s. MWAS is not an ATM and will not simply provide funds) 

MWAS Provides

  • 30% of funding up to $550 including GST 
  • Collaboration with official and Sport to develop professional development plan 
  • MWAS clothing

The Sport (SSA with assistance from RSA) provides

  • Representation on Joint Management Committee 
  • Collaboration with umpire and MWAS to develop professional development plan 
  • Assist the Official to coordinate the execution of the plan – organise development trips, courses, etc.

The Official Provides

4. Sport Partnership Criteria

Every Sport that has any combination of athletes, coaches or officials on scholarship must have a ‘Sport Partnership’ with MWAS. A Sport Partnership is the formal relationship between MWAS and the sporting organisations (SSAs & RSAs) that MWAS supports through scholarships. The prospective Sport Partner (the applicant) must provide a very brief written response to the criteria below through the online form. If an applicant cannot meet the entire criteria, they will still be considered for a Sport Partnership and are encouraged to submit the application.

Criteria that the Sport must meet:

1. Having at least one athlete that meets the Athlete Criteria (section 5). If not, does the Sport have multiple athletes that will likely reach the criteria within two years?

2. Utilising a fair method to select the athletes that are being nominated for a scholarship. What method was used?

3. Ensuring that MWAS athletes will be required to travel to Perth or elsewhere for training only when absolutely necessary while still maximising discretionary opportunities for attendance.

4. Ensuring that MWAS athletes will have ongoing access to a suitably skilled and qualified technical / tactical coach? I.e. that the coach will be able to mirror the quality of coaching that athletes of the same standard will receive in Perth. This may require the SSA or RSA to pay the coach for their services and to send a visiting high performance coach to the Mid West on multiple occasions. Any such visit may include a broader group of athletes to attend these sessions.

5. Providing the technical coach/es that work with the MWAS athletes with the necessary mentoring and support that they will require. This may include providing support with designing technical / tactical training sessions. It may also require the SSA to send a high performance coach to assist with some sessions in the Mid West.

6. Monitoring the progression of MWAS athletes and ensure that they are carefully considered for state squad / team selection?

7. Proactively engaging with WAIS and/or with other more elite programs in the athlete pathway, to ensure that future progression for athletes on scholarship can be as seamless as possible.

8. Provide a representative to sit on the MWAS JMC for your Sport (two meetings per year)?

9. Develop and execute a robust and thorough plan for the development of all coaches and officials in the Mid West?

10. Integrate and acknowledge MWAS in athlete and coach pathways and state high performance plan?

11. Recognise and promote MWAS on LGA, SSA and RSA websites, including a MWAS logo and web-link?

12. Acknowledge MWAS in publications, such as E-News and Annual Reports?

Sport Partnerships and the performance of scholarship holders will be reviewed annually. However, parties should enter the partnership with the non-binding intent of continuing the partnership for at least three years, predominantly to retain the same coaches and officials on scholarship for multiple years.

The selection committee may use the ‘Sport Partner Assessment Matrix’ (Appendix 1) to rank applicants prior to interviews. Suitable applicants may be called for an interview to clarify information provided in the application. MOUs will then be developed with successful applicants, based on commitments made during the selection process.

The selection committee will aim to provide each athlete that meets the Athlete Selection Criteria (section 6) with a scholarship. If the number of eligible scholarship nominees exceeds the capacity of MWAS, the MWAS committee will use experience to award Athlete, Coaching and Officiating scholarships based on:

1. The Sport’s score in the assessment matrix;

2. The athlete’s likelihood of reaching an elite level; and

3. The opportunity costs of providing the scholarship. E.g. the resources may be better utilised to offer additional Coaching Scholarships

5. Athlete Selection Criteria


To select pre-elite and elite athletes who deserve support and are most in need of an improved daily training environment (DTE).


Athletes must meet the Athlete Scholarship Criteria to be considered for a scholarship with MWAS. Athletes with a disability (AWD) are equally eligible for athlete scholarships and can meet the criteria by competing and representing at the equivalent level in their respective category.

MWAS reserves the right to use discretion with all selections and may choose to award scholarships to athletes who do not meet the entire criteria over those that do. This might occur due to remote-area athlete inclusion, varying levels of in-kind and financial investment from some Sports, after a display of phenomenal talent, or any other reasons as determined by the MWAS Board.

A scholarship with MWAS is not a right and therefore no appeals will be heard. MWAS will always ensure that athlete selection is based on the MWAS vision, mission and values.

Athlete Scholarship Criteria

All athletes supported through the MWAS must meet every point in the criteria below:

1. Reside in one of the following Mid West LGAs: Carnamah, Chapman Valley, Coorow, Cue, Greater Geraldton (includes Mullewa), Irwin, Meekatharra, Mingenew, Morawa, Mount Magnet, Murchison, Northampton, Perenjori, Sandstone, Three Springs, Wiluna and Yalgoo. Athletes who go to a boarding school outside of the listed LGAs are not eligible for scholarship;

2. Aged 13 years or older at some point during the scholarship year. i.e. during 2017;

3. Demonstrate the potential to reach the ‘elite*’ level in open (not age group) competition. ‘Elite*’ refers to competing in National professional league and/or representing Australia in amateur sport;

4. Demonstrates an ongoing commitment towards physical and mental preparation and to achieving best possible performance;

5. Athlete is in a:

a. Junior State or National talent squad; or

b. Junior State or National representative team; or

c. Open State or National representative team.

And selection has been competitive, with an official selection process that is endorsed or sanctioned by the SSA / NSO.

6. When competing at the State Championship level, the athlete represents a Mid West team or club;

7. SSA expects the athlete to represent Western Australia at NSO endorsed national championship event within 2017 or 2018;

8. Demonstrates the capacity and drive to represent Australia at the senior elite level, or to reach the highest professional level of the sport in Australia within 10 years; and

9. Demonstrates the potential to become a WAIS scholarship holder within six years (for sports that are included with WAIS).

10. Be endorsed and recommended by the relevant RSA and SSA;

11. Demonstrates ongoing dedication and appropriate attendance in career and education.

Examples of ineligibility:

a. National/ State representation teams, talent squads and/or training squads not competitively selected and endorsed by the NSO/ SSA;

b. National/ state touring teams;

c. Is a professional or elite athlete that receives what the MWAS committee considers surplus existing support (financial and/or services). E.g. athletes playing for a professional team, on scholarship with AIS or WAIS may not be  eligible for scholarship**;

d. Specific population National/ State representation teams, regional talent squads, training squads and/ or touring teams e.g. University Games, National/ State Country*** and/ or National/ State School*** Girls/Boys.

** In special circumstances, the MWAS may, in partnership with WAIS, AIS or a professional team, choose to provide a modified scholarship or services to a professional elite athlete.

*** Some discretion will be used by the selection panel if a specific population team is within the SSA endorsed athlete pathway towards elite representation for a Mid West athlete in that sport.

6. Coach Selection Criteria

Coaches must meet the following criteria to be considered for a coaching scholarship with MWAS. It is important both MWAS and the SSA are investing resources into coaches who have time, commitment, and passion for continuously developing their coaching and will embrace the opportunity to receive development from MWAS.

1. Coach is currently coaching an athlete who is applying for a MWAS Athlete Scholarship; or is currently coaching a regional development squad; or coaching an athlete that could potentially receive a MWAS Scholarship in the next 2 years.

2. Coach consistently displays a commitment to continuous learning.

3. Coach will make time to meet regularly with the MWAS Coaching Effectiveness Consultant

7. Appendices

Appendix 1 – Sport Partnership Assessment Matrix

DOWNLOAD the Sport Partnership Assessment Matrix

Appendix 2 – Joint Management Committees

There will be one JMC for each sport that will provide strategic guidance for scholarships.

Makeup of the JMCs

There will be one JMC for each sport that is supported by MWAS. The JMC will consist of:

1. MWAS representative/s

2. The athlete manager – if the sport has athletes on scholarship

3. SSA representative

4. RSA or peak club representative (if applicable)

5. WAIS representative if desired by both WAIS and MWAS

Objectives of the JMCs

The responsibilities of the JMCs are the following:

1. Ensure a stakeholder inclusive approach to sport development;

2. Provide input to coach and official development plans;

3. Monitor and review coach and official performance against KPIs*;

4. Review the overall effectiveness of MWAS operations for the sport and provide improvement recommendations to the MWAS; and

5. Type very brief, simple minutes of every JMC meeting, focussing on key issues discussed and any agreed recommendations.

* It is recognised that some coaches, officials and administrators will be employees of SSAs, RSAs or other agencies and that their performance may be more appropriately reviewed by the method desired by their employer. In these scenarios, the JMC will, at a minimum ensure that a process has occurred to ensure that MWAS Coaching and Officiating Scholarships have created positive outcomes.

Powers of the JMCs

The JMC is purely an advisory committee that provides recommendations to:

1. The MWAS Board, through the MWAS CEO;

2. Athlete managers; and

3. MWAS stakeholders, such as SSAs and RSAs.

Additional JMC Information:

1. Meetings are to occur twice per year at times that are agreed to by the JMC members;

2. Meetings will ideally occur face-to-face in Geraldton, however members can be connected by any appropriate means of technology, e.g. telephone or video conference;

3. JMC members will only change if requested by MWAS, if a member wishes to leave, or if a member body requests a change. i.e. common sense will prevail; and

4. Members of the JMC will not receive remuneration for their contribution unless time spent sitting on the JMC is part of their normal paid position and their employer provides remuneration. The only exception could be if the MWAS Board makes a decision to contract a specialist to sit on a JMC, such as the Strength and Conditioning provider.

8. Glossary

AIS – Australian Institute of Sport

DSR – Department of Sport and Recreation Western Australia

DTE – Daily training environment

JMC – Joint Management Committee

LGA  Local Government Authority

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding / Service level agreement

MWAS – Mid West Academy of Sport

NSO – National Sport Organisation

RSA – Regional Sport Association

Sport – A joint group of applicable sporting associations (SSA, RSA, Clubs)

SSA – State Sporting Associations

WAIS – Western Australia Institute of Sport