The MWAS is committed to ensuring that our programs are run professionally, safely and to the highest standard of integrity. All holders of scholarships (athletes, coaches and officials), service providers, employees and sport associations must adhere to MWAS policies during all MWAS programs, services and interactions with MWAS athletes. Click on the below links to download copies of MWAS policies. Any persons wishing to be provided with a printed / hard copy of any policies should contact the MWAS office. Additionally, any persons experiencing difficulties with downloading the policies should contact the MWAS.

Athlete reminder – YOU are responsible for every substance that enters your body. There are medications such as asthma medications that require you and your doctor to complete a Theraputic Use Exemption in order to comply with the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority. Go to to check a substance BEFORE you take it.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Coach and Officials Code of Conduct

Anti-doping Policy

Supplementation, Medication and Injections Policy

Sports Science and Sports Medicine Policy

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Infectious Diseases Policy

Member / Athlete Protection Policy

Media and Communications Policy

Talent Release Form – Photographic and Video

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Solar Protection Policy

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MWAS Constitution