This feedback form is anonymous and we want your feedback on our MWAS Football Program. We need this for continuous improvement and to ensure we provide you with the best outcomes so you can reach your goals. Please put some real thought into your answers because we want to hear what you have to say.



MWAS Football Program Feedback

Please provide some dot points of what you did this year that you enjoyed the most.
Please provide some information on what you want to see us do to improve next year?
Please provide feedback on Harry's coaching style and areas you would like to see him improve upon. He won't take this personally and wants to hear from you to improve.
Please provide feedback on the others coaching styles and areas you would like to see them improve upon. They won't take this personally and all want to hear from you to improve.
5. Do you think you are improving your football by being a part of the MWAS?(Required)
We want to know why you think you are better or why you think you aren't?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the worst rating and 10 being the best) rate how you think it has value on helping you improve.
Please tell us anything else you want to add or comment on so we can improve anything we do? For example at our footy training's, at the gym, with our coaches, the pathway to EFFC or anything at all you want us to know.