Athlete Agreement & Talent Release Form

This is a legal agreement and by consenting you will be bound by the terms and conditions within. Consenting is complete when you tick the relevant boxes and submit the form. You will not be able to participate in MWAS activities without consent and acceptance of the conditions in this agreement. To view all relevant policies follow this link or contact the MWAS CEO.
  • Athletes name?
  • Athletes address
  • Athletes mobile number (if no mobile please put parents number).
  • Please use best email address for contact with the athlete.
  • Athletes are required to have private health insurance that at a minimum covers; physiotherapy, ambulance and surgery for sports injuries. The Athlete’s policy must be used to cover claimable MWAS services. All MWAS medical and physiotherapy services provided through the scholarship are for injury and illness prevention. The Athlete is responsible for coordinating and meeting all costs of any illness or injury treatments that they require.
    If the athlete is under 18 all areas of this form must be completed and accepted by their parent / legal guardian. If so please complete the section below with the name of the parent completing the form.
  • Name of the parent / legal guardian who agrees with the policies and accepts all of the terms and conditions set out in this form.